About | Professional Voice Over Studio

Who is this Bob dude?

Well first off I'm a middle aged guy, married and with six kids...yes six!   I live in the land of ten thousand lakes (Minnesota) but have traveled and lived all around the world.

In 2013 I semi-retired from a 20 year corporate job and after a little time off I realized...NOW WHAT!!??   In 2015 I stumbled into the world of voiceovers when a friend suggested..."Hey Bob you ever tried doing audiobooks?"  I jumped on google and the rest is history.

It only took me getting one job to realize that this was something not only that I could do at home....but I LOVED IT!  I spent hundreds of hours reading about voiceovers, sound engineering and making a lot of mistakes....I mean a lot.  


But because I loved what I was doing so much it never seemed like work.  I built multiple studios, upgraded gear, honed my craft and most of all...provided unrelenting service to the clients I worked with.

I truly believe I have been mostly successful not just because of some decent pipes, but remembering that every client is trusting in me to help them be successful.   It's about asking the right questions, being very responsive, having a thick skin, making suggestions when appropriate, delivering studio quality work, and always remembering that if your successful....I'm successful.

I work usually seven days a week from my home studio for clients all around the world.  That means I adjust my hours based on when you need the work.  Normally 24 hrs or less and multiple versions so you have options to pick from.  While I mostly do commercial work now I still do explainers, documentaries, educational, video sales letters...but  my audiobook days are over.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.   I am always open to new opportunities.   

Well....I hope to be doing voiceovers until I can't talk anymore so your stuck with me.